DIY Dual-band J-Pole Antenna

I recently met with some friends from a local prepper group and learned how to build a simple, inexpensive dual band (70cm and 2m) J-pole antenna.  This antenna design is pretty well known (the ARRL website has several articles on it, including this one) and quite easy to make. The "twist" on this build was... Continue Reading →


A quick and dirty Eclipse projector

There's been a lot of talk about this year's solar eclipse.  Here in the DC area we will see about 91% coverage.  You can find several websites that will show you how to create a pin-hole viewer, and of course eclipse glasses are the latest fashion rage. Many years ago I worked another eclipse.  The... Continue Reading →

Software Defined Radio

The local Ham Radio Outlet had a sale on the SRDPlay RSP1, so I picked one up.  It was a snap to set up, with only a couple of downloads required.  The device itself is quite small and very lightweight, which are important factors for me.  I also picked up some RG-8.  I was "gifted"... Continue Reading →

Another Thrift Store Find

As a full-time RVer, we struggle with how best to maintain connectivity to the Internet.  Public WiFi is risky, but free.  Dedicated LTE solutions are more secure, but very expensive.  So we often use campground WiFi with a couple layers of security at our perimeter. But that raises another issue - the poor quality of... Continue Reading →

Thrift-store Find

Whenever my wife wants to go to a thrift-store I usually kill time by looking through the books and the electronics.  The electronics are usually iffy - you never know if they work, and the stores that do allow returns often just provide store credit. Even with those limitations, I usually end up with some... Continue Reading →

Aurdino-based A/C controller

A bit of history: In 2013 we decided that the thermostats in our Bounder motorhome required something a bit more modern (and accurate). We went with the Ecobee smart thermostat. There were some major issues with this project - with the biggest one being that the Ecobee was designed for 24VAC and the RV control... Continue Reading →

A new direction

I recently earned my Technician Class amateur radio license. This is a new hobby, but an old interest.  The next steps are to 1) learn more and 2) integrate my interests/expertise in space, IT, programming, hardware hacks, and (now) radio communications.

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